As a parent, I really enjoy seeing my daughter picking out a song she wanted to play and converting the notes to tabs; playing within minutes. As a child, I learned from an instructor or from friends only being able to play the songs they knew or go figure it out on my own. I'm a strong believer in learning it right the first time and with Notes to Tabs™ both my children can learn their choice of songs on their own and learn it right the first time. Now I'm learning the songs I always wanted to.
- Tom age 39

Child with Guitar

Notes to Tabs™ is a very helpful system in learning how to play a song on the guitar. Notes to Tabs™ is really easy to learn to use. I learned how to play Yankee Doodle in less then a day.
- Jill age 12

Notes to Tabs™ is an easy product to use that is very accurate. It is a easy way to learn and memorize tabs. I learned Oh! Susanna in less then an hour and I'm still learning a lot more. The great thing about Notes to Tabs™ is you can bring it wherever you want because it can fit almost anywhere, even in the car. Your learning and having fun at the same time.
- Jory age 15

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